Trust@HsH publishes research results on storage of MAP data

The Trust@HsH research group has published some early results of their research on the visualization of time-variant (MAP-) graphs at the Graph Visualization in Practice (GraphViP) workshop co-located with Diagrams 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

Visualization of MAP data is challenging due to its highly dynamic topology and the mapping of logical nodes onto physical devices. Also, data in a MAP server is volatile and there is no standardized way to preserve and review changes or previous states of a MAP graph.

The work for the paper presented at the workshop results from the SIMU and VisITMeta research projects and focusses on data layer aspects of the problem i.e. our efforts to develop a concept for the storage of MAP data.

The paper will be published in the joint proceedings with the International Workshop on Euler Diagrams soon.

For further information check out the Graph Visualization in Practice (GraphViP) workshop.

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