All developments of the SIMU project as well as relevant open-source software (OSS) are listed in this download section :

Best Practice Report

The Best Practice Report may be downloaded here.

Free software:

SIMU Software (DECOIT)

  • DECOIT SIEM-GUI (SIMU edition) (Github)
  • DECOIT DECOmap for Android 0.2 (Android 2.3.5+) (Github)
  • DECOIT DECOmap IF-MAP-Client (Github)
  • DECOIT DECOmap Config-GUI (Github)
  • DECOIT File Integrity Monitor 1.0 (Github)
  • DECOIT SIMU Metadata Factory 0.1 (Github)
  • DECOIT CBOR-XML-Dictionary 1.0 (Github)
  • DECOIT CBOR-IF-MAP Bridge - TNC Base Elements 1.0 (Github)
  • DECOIT CBOR-IF-MAP Bridge - SIMU Extensions 1.0 (Github)


IRON (Trust@HsH)

  • irond IF-MAP 2.0 Server (Github, Download)
  • irondhcp IF-MAP 2.0 for the allocation of ISC DHCP server information about the IF-MAP Server (Github, Download)
  • irongui IF-MAP 2.0 Client for visualization of IF-MAP 2.0 server data (Github, 0.4.1 binary)
  • ifmapj IF-MAP 2.0 Java library (Github, Download)
  • ifmapj-examples Example project for the ifmapj library (Github)
  • ironvas IF-MAP 2.0 for the allocation of OpenVAS-reports about the IF-MAP Server (Github, Download)
  • ifmapcli Collection of prompts-tool to simulate simple IF-MAP Clients (Github, Download)
  • irondetect IF-MAP 2.0 Client for reaction management based on context, anomalies und signatures (Github)
  • irondemo Example of interaction of all IRON components (Github)
  • ironcontrol IF-MAP 2.1 Client for Android (Github, user description, developers guide)
  • ironflow Experimental integration of OpenFlow into a MAP-Infrastructure (GithubDownload)
  • VisITMeta (GithubDownload)

Fraunhofer SIT

  • Interconnected-asset Ontology Tool (IO-Tool) Downloadpaket für SIMU (.tar.bz2)
  • Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR):

NCP test software:

VPN Clients, VPN Server and VPN Management of NCP are available as test versions for 30 days. Please click here for additional information.

macmon secure test software:

After registration the virtual test appliance of macmon secure is available as test version for 30 days. Please register here in order to use the offer.

SIMU Use-Case Demonstration


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