SIMU project was presented at open it berlin by DECOIT GmbH

The Open Source Business Alliance (OSBA) is Europe's largest network of companies and organizations, that develop, build on or apply Open Source Software (OSS). Main goal of the OSBA is to increase the success of OSS and other forms of open cooperation. The OSBA realizes its goals by spreading information, creating positive basic conditions for producers and users and establishing a network for producers, customers and service providers. In this field interoperability between different OSS as well as with proprietary software plays a special role. DECOIT GmbH is an active OSBA member and was invited to talk about the SIMU-project at the event "Meet & Greet", November 13th, 2014, in Berlin, Ludwig-Erhard-Building.

The event was kicked off by DECOIT GmbH introducing the topics SIEM systems and monitoring. Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Detken asserted that it took a long time for pro-active monitoring to finally be a permanent part of company networks.  And there is still room for improvement, although there are already plenty of Open Source based possibilities such as Nagios or Icinga. Open Source is the key to establish SIEM systems because these solutions need to communicate with diverse IT security components. Open interfaces and standards are rudimental in order to be able to integrate all producer versions. The producers have chosen a different path though, as the OSSIM system shows. This former Open Source project seems to have evolved into a proprietary solution since AlienVault took over. That was the impression created by experiences with OSSIM during the research project SIMU. Therefore, the R&D-project is going to use self-created Open Source software entirely in order to be completely producer independent.

Several further Open Source based solutions, such as Tine 2.0 or LibreOffice, were presented at the event. In conclusion, most times Open Source is more flexible compared to proprietary solutions because of its open interfaces and standards. It also offers the most effective possibility to combine different IT systems with each other. That is especially important within the SIEM environment. The audience in Berlin agreed that the SIMU project goes in the right direction.

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