SIMU project contribution at conference D.A.CH Security 2015

This years' D.A.CH Security took place September 8-9 in St. Augustin close to Bonn. Main topics were cloud, industrie 4.0, SIEM, data protection, and secure communication solutions. As always, some contributions were part of research projects and others dealt with industrial applications.  SIMU project also contributed a presentation.

D.A.CH Security was well attended and attractive for many interesting lectures this year. Topics of presentations were for example passing on in the cloud, theat situation of SAP systems, SIEM system field report, and authorization management for the internet of things.

The lecture by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover on the SIMU project focussed on the IF-MAP standard and the Detection Engine. The Engine reports incidents and carries out enforcement (user is excluded) when required. Processes of registration can be visualized very clearly, although scalability is limited.

Presentation of SIMU project at the large auditorium

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