SIMU project completion with SIEM demonstrator

The SIMU project has been successfully completed at the end of September. During the last consortium meeting final tasks were distributed amongst all partners. Project result is a SIEM demonstrator which combines the input of all partners. Some prototypical approaches can be utilized well in IT security projects for companies. All partners will complete a best-practice report and their final reports soon.

Final consortium meeting at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover

All working packages and reports have been completed aside from a few small details. That goal was reached despite of project presentations at several international conferences (D.A.CH Security and IDAACS 2015). Lately, project partners especially concentrated on the commissioning of the demonstrator using the Fraunhofer testbed for a final analysis which attached value to the compatibility of different SIEM components as well as their handling and performance. All partner components were successfully implemented into the testbed which is impressively shown in the following Use-Case Demonstration video.

Overall, the SIMU project was successfully completed.  Many publications were written, the project gained international recognition, IF map was discussed with producers, new cooperation resulted and many experiences in the SIEM environment were collected.

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