SIMU project met in Berlin and is on schedule

In June SIMU project partners met at macmon secure in Berlin in order reflect on current development steps that needed to be defined until project termination. The project is on schedule and actively spreads research results presenting the project regularly at conferences. Now all partners concentrate on the implementation of the testbed at Fraunhofer SIT. After that the analysis phase starts.


Until the end of June all partners will have finished the development process. The working package of the analysis and evaluation phase, that begins in August, includes the evaluation of the demonstrator which is why all partner modules need to be installed in one testbed at Fraunhofer SIT. Throughout different use cases all functions and the interaction of all components will be examined and evaluated to what extend they can be applied in practice. Due to great development progresses the project can be completed on time.

The results of the SIMU project are already discussed at national and international conferences. Presentations are planned at D.A.CH-Security Conference in Bonn, IC-SI Conference in Peking and IDAACS Conference in Warschau.

The last SIMU project meeting is planned for September, right before the project will officially be completed. Finally, the SIEM-GUI will enable a clear visualization of security events as well as an automatic ticket generation that already proposes actions. That way, the IT administrator does not need expert knowledge and only relevant events are processed. False reports are filtered automatically, so that it only takes one glance to assess all risks.

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