SIMU project was presented at CeBIT 2015 by DECOIT GmbH

This year DECOIT GmbH was part of the Bremen stand at CeBIT in order to offer solutions in the fields of IT Security, Virtualization, Identity Management, Monitoring und VoIP to the interested crowd. Within this scope the SIMU project and current SIEM development were presented which met with a positive response.

This year's main topics at CeBIT were Digital Transformation, "Internet of Things", IT Security and Unified Communications. As digitalization of economy is going ahead, a new term for it was invented - the d!conomy.  This term should express IT progress on one hand but on the other hand also the effort which is needed to establish a completely digital world. Consequently, some stands presented industrial roboters or autonomously driving sport cars. "Industry 4.0" will lead to a great network of sensors and wireless chips in machines, goods and everyday objects. However, this network needs to be used securely.  The "Internet of Things" will have the result that machines will be able to interchange information without interaction of humans. For instance, this can be the case in smart grid, automotive and factory scenarios. IT Security was dealt with in hall 6 and partly picked up just named scenarios. The focus was increasingly on German solutions this year, also picked up by the German government. The SIMU project contributes to this development.

DECOIT-Stand am Bremer Gemeinschaftsstand

The evaluation of big data helps to improve IT Security in companies. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems collect log data of different IT Security components creating a data base. The data is then cross-correlated in order to gain efficient conclusions on the security risk. Depending on how often log information is generated, sent and saved tremendous amount of data is created which is relatively hard to handle. Therefore, effective evaluation algorithms are needed that filter crucial information to provide a correct decision base for the IT administrator. However, there is still a lack in embedding artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to differentiate between anomaly and normal condition. The SIMU project aims at closing this gap and met with a positive response to this topic at CeBIT. Main points of interest were performance and possible scalability of SIEM systems. Although not all challenges could be mastered yet, the SIMU project goes in the right direction of making a great contribution IT Security research.

Fachvorträge am CeBIT-Stand der DECOIT GmbH

SIEM conversations at CeBIT led to the conclusion that the topic found its way to companies and is ready to gain a foothold in the market. This was underlined by cooperation talks and overall positive response to specialized lectures.

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